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Ongoing research, development and innovation projects

List of new projects:


Projects / WING coordinator, representative
  1. 2013-2015 – UEFISCDI Subprogram: Product – Systems –Technologies development: Power supply, monitoring, control and communication system for isolated temporary habitats – SIGHAB

  2. 2012  FP7-SME – Innovative, Highly Efficient Road Surface Measurement and Control System – HERMES, as representative of Romania.
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  3. 2011 - 2013 – Complex equipment of road profile  investigation and pavement layers quality control – DRUMTEST - ANCS - Priority Axis 2 CDI- Operation 2.1.1. “Joint R & D partnerships between universities / research institutes and enterprises”, coordinator

Projects / WING partner
  1. 2012 - Multymodality Optical Imaging System for Intraoperative Detection of Tumor Positive Margins, MOIST, coordinator INCD OPTOELECTRONICA INOE 2000

  2. 2012 - UAS inovative survey and monitoring model for colonially breeding waterbird species from Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve – UAS-BIRDD – coordinator S.C. AEROCONTROL UAV S.R.L

  3. 2012 - New methods and investigations protocols for the early diagnosis, efficient screening, prognostic and therapy of non-melanoma skin cancers based on existing and novel micro & nano optical tools – coordinator UNIVERSITY POLITEHNICA OF BUCHAREST


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